Backwards we go…

After having posted a poem, I’m gonna do a short blog about something a little more political and my personal views on the matter.

In the news recently there has been a lot of discussion about the ‘Justice for Men and Boys’ political party and after having read their manifesto- I really do have something to say. I think there is one huge misconception that this party is founded upon :-

“There are no areas in which the state disadvantages women and girls.”

Personally, I feel that if Mr Buchanan had a brain cell or two to rub together I think he would have looked into the historical context of his allegations against feminism and gender equality. But alas, we are faced with a political party that is playground retaliation to women fighting for gender EQUALITY not dominance. It looks to me that somebody cannot quit let go of his historically won binary lottery.

In Saussurain semiology a word for an object doesn’t just simply exist, it also holds a large number of associations that humans make subconsciously everyday – this is one of the soul causes for many inequalities that exist within society today. Only the physical attributes of a person, be them black – white, old – young, male – female are the differentiations, but over time, people have attached negative connotations to one half of the opposition, thus creating imbalances between them. THEY ARE ONLY WORDS. So maybe Buchanan and his comrades should really give up this childish clinging onto ‘white, young, healthy, male’ binary dominance that has accumulated over time and let someone else have a turn for once.

A quote from the manifesto also struck my attention was:

“The major parties are institutionally committed to advantaging women and girls at the expense of men and boys”

There is a huge flaw with this statement I feel as the use of the word “advantaging” should be replaced with “liberating”. Political parties of the modern day are not interested in petty fall outs between the genders but have actually recognised the importance of women in the work place, education, politics and all other male dominated sectors. The only ‘expense’ men and boys are facing is their loss of control and oppression that have given them an easy ride throughout history.

This is quite a short piece as I could go on for pages and pages about this subject but just thought I’d share a few opinions on the work of J4MB and am very interested in what other’s thoughts on the matter are. It just seems we are going round in circles with this topic – hence the title.

But I guess if all oppositions and inequalities were dissolved we’d live in a perfect world – but who wants that right? Mike Buchanan

Hat tip,


PS- I would just like to add that this really, really isn’t a stab at men in general. The majority of men do have a sound understanding of equality within genders, as do most people in equality of everyone. This is just a general opinion of this party that has risen from gender politics. No hate, I promise 🙂


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