Long time no speak….

So, it is pretty evident that my blogging had reached its inevitable peak and took a swift nose dive into a 4 month hibernation, however, its back and I’m hoping to resurrect the sketchy begins of my blog into a weekly read. So, perhaps a musing to kick of with?

As it stands, I’m currently trying to frantically piece together concepts of geography into something that could briefly fit the shape of a dissertation proposal and along the way have managed to find something that is actually inherently interesting to me: elderly people. Why? Well, as probably gathered from previous blog posts, I’m quite the advocate of a bit of social equality and it seems that, once again, the less desirable of a binary gets dealt the pretty shitty hand in the game of life. Elderly people make up the majority of the population of the developed world and this is due to only increase over the coming years, yet it seems that life for this majority, isn’t too great. So for us younger folk, the looming, eventual fate of ‘getting old’ seems to be ever more grim and ever more undesirable as nappy changes, loneliness and zimmer frames aren’t all that appealing.

With all this in mind, the question that really bothers me is why? Why is it that the elderly must live a life of being a prisoner to outside world? Confined by their front doors and demobilised by their inhibitions? A cynical, perhaps controversial side of me can’t help but wonder whether the lack of economic input elderly people have punishes them with a life of isolation. Is capitalism so corrupt that it can put a price on a human life? That because a person can no longer contribute to the grand, capitalist machine, that they no longer deserve a life worth living? Personally, I think not.

Just some food for thought.


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